Professional Sports Star & Privacy Action

One such case we have advised and represented on involved a high profile professional sports star, the former England Captain and 2003 World Cup winner Mike Tindall MBE, who was the subject of constant media intrusion into his privacy and negative media interest.

After consultation with the client and strategic advice, it was decided that two actions on privacy would be launched against two major national newspapers – one broadsheet and one tabloid. Our specialist privacy lawyer and counsel were tasked and an action launched in the High Court.

One of the privacy actions against the broadsheet newspaper resulted in the newspaper agreeing to a public apology, compensation and legal costs paid. Our client was satisfied with the apology and the vindication, as a result the action was subsequently dropped.

The second action with the tabloid was more entrenched with the newspaper defending its position. Through a strategic approach to the action, working alongside legal counsel, we were able to highlight the weakness of the newspaper’s evidence and the source it was relying on, and the basis for its claim. Working as a tight team with the client and the legal counsel, we were able to bring the action to a controlled outcome in the clients favour. The broadsheet agreed to settle the client’s claim with a public apology, compensation (which was paid to a nominated charity), along with his legal and counsel costs.

Both actions were brought to a successful conclusion and to the client’s satisfaction from a strategic approach. More importantly the actions sent a message to the media that any future inaccurate reporting on the subject that was factually wrong would be the subject of future legal action. The action also set a precedent in privacy law.